Our Customised Solutions are Helps Day By Day Transactions According to The Business Nature

Tally, Tally Software, Tally Addon, Mobile Tally

Tally Bills Outstanding in Mobile App

Synchronize the Purchase and Sales Outstanding Bills to Mobile Phone and it works Offline, Sync Time is 2 to 5 Seconds only

Garment in Tally

Bar Code Solution in Garment Business

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Bar Code Solution for Computer Shops

Bar Code System in Computer Hardware shops, using this module we Print Bar Code Label, Scan Pri - Printed Bar Code, using Scanning Bar Code we make Sales Transaction with Inclusive GST Ledger and GST Tax Amount Calculation

Bar Code Solutions

Simplified Bar Code Printing,  Scanning and Printing Normal or POS Printers

Suitable for Toy Stores, Novelties, Gift Articles, Packed Materials, Garment shops, Retail Outlets,. or All Other Business

Agriculture Products Dealers

Seeds, Fertilizer and Pesticide Dealers Retailers and Wholesalers Module. Feature Quick Farmers Sales and Sales Returns, Retail Invoice, Wholesales Invoice, Gatepass, Agriculture Reports, Godown Reports, Product wise Reports Suitable for Agriculture Departments


Market Commission Agent

APMC Market Commission Agent Billing and Reporting System 

Features: Farmer Patti, Auto Calculate Expenses, Generate Buyer Bill, Auto Populate APMC Market Report, Bill Outstanding Reports, Cash Adjustments, Auto Expenses Payments,  and more 

Mobile Dealers

Mobile IMEI Based  Transaction and Tracking System

Feature: Opening Stock on IMEI Based, Purchase Mobile Phones On IMEI, Sales Both IMEI Phone and Phone accessaries based on IMEI or Non-IMEI, Track Phone Whome to sold using IMEI Number etc.,  


Garments Module

Manual / Barcode Scanning and Printing System

SMS Module

SMS Module

Trade, Delivery, Outstanding Messaging Solution:

Feature: Send Message on Purchase, Sales, Payments, Receipts, Delivery Note, Receipt Notes, Bill Outstandings etc.,

Excel to Tally

Import the Excel Data into Tally.ERP9,

Feature: Auto Create StockGroups, Units, Party Ledger with State And GST, Stock Items with GST Details. Auto Selection of GST Sales and Tax Ledgers Based on Data in Excel

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